Monday, September 23, 2013

heat drunk dog ass love.

cropped tee- american apparel
denim skirt- vintage 

This was from a few days ago when it wasn't 90 degrees out. I'm really into solid colors right now.

I think I fell in love with a man at the postal store. I was dizzy though, from carrying a 70lb box filled with art books from my car, so who can really know? The girl behind the counter scolded me very seriously saying that's what the dolly's for. I liked her. The girl. She had style. I told him his dog had a huge ass. The man I love. He was sending a letter to Ireland. The stamp was round with a globe on it. I wanted a round stamp. Maybe I just love his dog. An old wrinkled pear. Such a MASSIVE rear. Funny like, ya know? It's too hot to think clearly. He wore running shoes. Orange and yellow. Which I didn't love. But I think besides that, yeah. Although it could be that dog. Or the girl. She had style.



  1. Love your style! Definitely following! (:

  2. "heat drunk dog ass love" is an excellent name for a funk band