Wednesday, September 4, 2013

hot dog.

dress- tunnel vision vintage
sunnies- target

My car nearly overheated today and I had to stop on my way home from the nanny job and let the poor ole jeep cool off. I couldn't have asked for a better stranded-on-la-cienega-outfit. This dress is so light and airy and perfectly patterned. I'd have died in anything heavier. I had to wait for the car temp to drop and refill the coolant so I shuffled around Target for about an hour and ate McDonald's chicken nuggets then quickly regretted it and spent a good 15 minutes in a gross public restroom hating my life. 
So happy to see this bb when I finally made it home. We played with the pig puppet until the little guy tuckered out. Now Carl is napping and I am trying to forever forget the taste of those processed nuggets. Stay cool my chippies, its brutal out there.


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