Friday, September 20, 2013

hot pants.

knit sweater tank- thrifted
gold disco shorts- american apparel
leather jacket- ??? (ive had it for ages)
green bug pin- vintage, from my great grandmother
green stone necklace- gift 
boots- melrose trading post

Wore this last night to The Evening Hour with Sean Conroy, the monthly talk show I work on. Got to hang with my girl Tiffany Teaze post show over some drinks...I taught her how to order well whiskey on the rocks like all the old men/I do. We bonded over mutual interests like scabs and compulsive hair removal. I had a near death experience with some hiccups then drunkenly inhaled a plate of fish and fries before pouring myself into bed. Carl licked my healing tattoo until I fell asleep. 
All for now. Have a great weekend bbz!


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