Tuesday, September 3, 2013


t-shirt- borrowed goods
shorts- bad vibes tunnel vision
moon necklace- gift
sunglasses- forever21 
boots- thrifted

I am an extremely cyclical person. If you follow me on instagram you've seen several pictures of me in this amazing tee, countless shots in the same boots, and of course these bad vibes. I've been wearing some variation of the same outfit for the fast two days, and before that I wore my previous post's outfit three days straight. Sometimes I find a combination I like a declare "UNIFORM" and wear only that for days or weeks at a time before happening upon a new combination and cycling through that one for the next several days. I guess this habit isn't very conducive to fashion blogging but I never promised variety. I'm just documenting what I wear. And boy do I like to wear an outfit out. 

This moon necklace is one of my dearest possessions. It was given to me along with several other vintage pieces by a friend's mother. Also isnt my shirt nugget the best???


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