Monday, October 21, 2013

milk + honey.

boots- melrose trading post

This Saturday I had an amazing time at the Milk + Honey Vintage fall fashion event. Ashley Cid, the owner of this killer online boutique has an affection for dress up and play, and events like this weekend's are really where she shines. Ashley opened up her gorgeous, airy Montrose home for an afternoon of maximum girlyness. The perfect host, she provided plenty of vintage for dress up and sale, fall themed cakes, a steady wine flow, vibey jams, a sectioned off dressing room complete with lounging sofa, hair and makeup styling with every purchase and the best selfie mirror you've ever seen. Her dear pal and photographer VJ was there to snap some pictures of the babes in their new duds. (how amazing are these shots he took for me???)  I met a lot of cool women while selling poems and art and was grateful for the mingling experience. Recently back in Houston, its nice to be surrounded by so many like minded, go-getter women. 

I wore my absolutely perfect Milk + Honey Vintage dress. (duh) The cotton is that real old thin good kinda soft and I have never been more in love with such a darling piece of fabric. My mom even cried when she saw me in the dress before heading to the event. Ya hear that people, Ashley's vintage moves mothers to tears! I highly recommend you check out her online shop and if you're a Houston local, stay tuned for more cool events like this. Ashley's always got something cooking under that dandelion fluff of hers. 

Here are a few shots from the event!

Ashley, Milk + Honey Vintage Owner/Curator 

My Steph looking mighty fresh in her new Milk Honey dress.
Perfection personified. 


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