Wednesday, December 11, 2013

denim day off


sweater- thrifted
denim jacket- vintage bugle boy
jeans- thrifted
purse- gift from ashley

My last post boasted of a curly headed and unemployed little dirtbag, and wouldja look at me now, folks? Fresh new chop and a J-O-B. I'm slinging burgers and beers at Lowbrow in Montrose these days...if you're a local you should swing by sometime. I have some really cool collaborations with Milk + Honey Vintage in the works which I cannot wait to share with you guys! It's slowly piecing together here and it feels good. Steph and I snapped these pictures on my day off yesterday. We bopped around town running errands and scored some sweet $3 treasures at some shady family thrift mart in the heights. We also ate Cici's pizza with more efficiency, speed and disgusting pleasure than has ever been displayed in buffet history. (we were in a time crunch, but the beast bitch bellies prevailed)

It's getting less and less surreal everyday. Being back in Texas. I've already met so many inspiring individuals and am hopeful for the creative potential of this city and the street rat babies I've met in it. There's so much more sky out here. Guess that comes from the flat. The geography. I miss the California hills and the coast but this Texas shit ain't so bad. Plenty of room to fan out in all directions, to flail and flip and fly and stretch fingers up to grab something good. 

Hope winter finds you all well, my few faithful followers. 


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