Thursday, December 19, 2013



photography: VJ Arizpe
hair/makeup: Kim Haro
wardrobe: Milk + Honey Vintage
styling: Ashley Cid
collage/poetry: Traci Lavois 

Had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with milk + honey vintage  on their newest lookbook, Wallflowers  See the whole lookbook here!  

As I write this post, I am sitting in Ashley's apartment. To my right,  a lit up Christmas tree, to my left, that fuckin girl, prancing around in pasties and a tutu like the most perfect thing you've ever see. Forgive the gushing that will follow, I'm all Christmas light washed in warm good babe town fuzzies.

Ashley has quickly become one of my dearest Houston comrades.  She's the kinda girl who drives you to a parking garage rooftop to bare your breasts to the skyline in the middle of the night. She flips off the security cameras and laughs like a child. Professionally she is sharp, insightful and creative.  I really believe in her company and the milk honey product.  Ashley's vision for this shoot was beautiful and it was really kinda magical to be apart of... the warm light, the dresses, the perfect interior, and of course our angel faced model, Kelso

Check out the full lookbook and shop Milk+Honey for the holidays!


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  1. That poem was absolutely beautiful! Would love to read more. x