Tuesday, February 4, 2014

folklore and nipple darts.

flannel- a borrow turned full on take over from one, Lewis Edward Watts***
jacket- ancient hollister (circa 2006)
boots- ???(clearly, shot to shit)
dress- thrifted


...and the heathens of the land
cried unto the wooden seat and braided ropes,
"oh slut swing, you've claimed so many treasures!"
for the glasses were gone,
the girl was blind
and she would remain so

Above is an excerpt from some children's folklore (a la Canterbury Tales, etc.) that I've been working on inspired by the recent loss of my glasses at a house party. The stories, or fables, if you will, teach the young ones important lessons about the ever present evils of the world. In real life, unlike the young girl from our tale, I only have a slight visual impairment and have actually been fine without my glasses for the week or so since I lost them to the slut swing, aside, that is, from some minor squinting on the job and a few scattered headaches. (it's more of a visual annoyance and like a safety hazard when night driving or whatever) I am, in fact, not blind forever. I went to LensCrafters but not all of us get off so lucky, children. Not everyone walks away. Remember that.

blah blee blooooo.

other things:
I tied my busted-to-shit-boot-toe closed with it's own lace which is how you "never let go, jack" to a pair of boots that should have been thrown away lives ago. 
Steph, Ashley and I are colab-in on some sweet vintage screen printed tees for Mini Pops this weekend. Stay toooooned.

other other things:
Steph cropped and added darts to this shirt she wasn't too hot on and WAHLA! InstaGreatness!

I want to start a band called "Stephanie Murphy and the Wonder Darts"


***read Lewis' story about the TIME OF THE MEAT BAT here! Do it.

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  1. I love this outfit! It reminds me of Phoebe from the show, Friends <3